Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 am30 10:03am

Who Will Die Next on Game of Thrones? Check Our Death Pool

Now that Brienne has found Sansa, there might be another snag in the whole idea of Brienne-protecting-Sansa: Brienne’s death. She did her duty when she killed Stannis Baratheon at the end of last season (he’d used Melisandre/magic to kill Renly, whom she was sworn to protect), but that might mean every one of Stannis’ soldiers that Ramsay Bolton didn’t kill is now after her. Oh, and Ramsay Bolton’s soldiers themselves are now definitely out to kill her to get to Sansa. She’s a tough knight, and Sansa can help look out for her, but her only other real ally is Podrick, so unless she can constantly watch her back, she’s going to have a hard time staying alive.

Death Pool Odds: 5/6

Chance of death: 54.55%

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