Saturday, July 20th, 2019 am31 5:11am

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‘The Young Turks’ Host — Booted From Plane After Huge Delay (VIDEO)

Exclusive Details

The Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur was removed from a flight by cops after he says an airline left him stranded for hours.

Uygur live streamed from LAX Friday night as he waited for an American Air flight to Miami. Cenk says passengers were stranded for more than four hours without a plane at their gate and with no real explanation as to what was going on.

Cenk and passengers were pissed and when a plane did show up, he says a supervisor and cops removed him because the captain didn’t feel comfortable with him on board. 

Never a quitter … Cenk was back at LAX Saturday morning to find another flight to Miami.

We’ve reached out to American for comment … so far, no word back. 

update_graphic_red_bar11:30 A.M. PST — A rep for American tells TMZ they’ve made several attempts to reach Cenk for a new flight, but haven’t heard back. We’re told he was removed for “unruly behavior.” However, Cenk just tweeted he was able to get on a JetBlue flight back to Miami … and no delays!update_grey_gray_bar


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