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Taylor Teagarden suspended for 80 games

Free-agent catcher Taylor Teagarden, who appeared in the Al-Jazeera America documentary on performance-enhancing drugs that named Peyton Manning, was suspended for 80 games on Friday by Major League Baseball.

In MLB’s announcement, it did not indicate that Teagarden failed a drug test but that he was suspended for violating the league’s drug prevention and treatment program.


The 32-year-old Teagarden’s suspension will go into effect when he signs with a major league team. He last played for the Chicago Cubs in 2015.

In the December documentary, Teagarden was taped discussing his use of performance-enhancing drugs the previous season. The report also named major league players Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard in addition to Manning, who led the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl championship in February.

“I used it last year, I was very … I was scared to be honest with you,” Teagarden was heard saying on the recording. “I took it for like two weeks and I had a test four weeks after my last administration of it. Nothing happened … And I was also taking peptides too but they were all urine tests, no blood tests … Once a year, maybe twice at most.”

Manning denied using PEDs and the Miami clinic worker who named Manning, Zimmerman and Howard later recanted the allegations. Zimmerman and Howard filed defamation suits against Al Jazeera.

In eight seasons with the Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, New York Mets and Cubs, Teagarden hit .202 in 510 at-bats. He played a career-high 60 games in 2009 with the Rangers.

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