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Survey: We love to binge watch

LOS ANGELES, March 24 (UPI) — Americans have come to love binge watching and nearly half use streaming video, a new survey said.

Deloitte’s 10th Digital Democracy Survey of more than 2,200 U.S consumers found 70 percent of TV viewers in 2015 watched about five consecutive episodes of a particular TV show on a regular basis. Among millennials, 35 percent binge watch on a weekly basis.

And if we’re binge watching, it’s growing more likely we’re doing it using streaming video. the survey said 46 percent of viewers subscribed to at least one streaming service. Millennials again were the biggest consumers, watching more streaming content than live TV.

“The proliferation of online content shows no signs of slowing down and the consumer appetite to consume content is equally voracious,” said Gerald Belson, vice chairman and U.S media and entertainment sector leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP. “The survey data indicates that consumers are more willing than ever to invest in services to watch whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose.”

The bingers prefer dramas 53 percent of the time, comedy 19 percent of the time, though Deloitte doesn’t which shows those are.

Part of the reason binge watchers seem to love their streaming services, is for the ability to watch commercial-free shows. So much so, that older millennials (ages 26 to 32) subscribe on average to three services to keep up with their shows.

But all that binge-watching doesn’t keep their eyes glued to the screen. More than 90 percent said they are checking email, texting, or doing some other online activity while watching.

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