Thursday, September 20th, 2018 pm30 11:10pm

Rick Ross — I Was Hustled Out of Court


0408_rick_ross_LMFAO-tmzRick Ross should have been hustlin’ a better lawyer when he tried to protect his hit song, because a judge just laughed him out of court.

Ross famously released the song, “Hustlin‘” back in 2006. Enter LMFAO, which recorded “Party RockAnthem” in 2011. Rick was furious, claiming it’s a blatant ripoff, so he sued the group.

As for Rick’s proof, he points to the hook of both songs … his — “Everyday I’m Hustlin'” and LMFAO’s — “Everyday I’m Shufflin’.”

Now here’s the fatal problem. The judge looked at the copyright Rick supposedly got for his song, and it was a mess. Somehow Rick filed 3 separate copyright applications, which were inconsistent and incomplete.

The judge made the decision Rick’s docs were so poorly drafted, he had no copyright protection, so his case just got thrown out of court.

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