Thursday, July 18th, 2019 am31 11:27am

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Missile counter-measure systems ordered by Dutch military

OTTOBRUNN, Germany, March 24 (UPI) — Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security is supplying the Dutch military with missile launch detection systems to protect F-16 fighters and NH-90 helicopters.

The MILDS F to be delivered operates in the solar-blind UV spectrum and is not subject to the limitations of other warning technologies. It features high resolution sensors combined with rapid processing for rapid threat identification, plus the ability to detect small arms fire.

The system is outfitted on F-16 fighters of the Royal Norwegian Air Force and the Royal Danish Air Force.

The second contract is for a new standard configuration of MILDS F that can be integrated into multiple platforms, such as helicopters, transports and non-F-16 fighters.

Both orders include a provision for logistics services.

“Our enhanced MILDS F opens up the superior performance of the fighter missile warner to different flying platforms,” said says Thomas Muller, head of Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security. “We are using an operational software which includes different code books and configurations to support the various platforms operated by a certain customer. In doing so, we offer customers substantial commonalities without any loss of performance.”

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