Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 am30 7:39am

NATO country orders Sagem’s tactical binoculars

BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, France, March 24 (UPI) — More than 200 JIM-LR long-range multi-function infrared binoculars are to be provided by Sagem to the army of an unidentified NATO country.

The JIM-LR is a tactical optronic device for surveillance, intelligence, zone protection and target designation. It can be used day or night for vision, rangefinding, laser pointing, magnetic compassing, image and video recording, GPS and data transmission.

“Sagem has made several innovative improvements to the JIM-LR, enhancing its performance in terms of detection, target designation, system integration and image processing,” the company said.

“Because of its open architecture, JIM-LR can be associated with a laser designator or Sterna, a geographic North seeker developed and built by Sagem. It can also be remotely operated via military or civil networks. And as part of a fixed or vehicle-mounted station, it acts as the optronic sensor on Sagem’s MOST optronic land surveillance mast.”

Sagem said more than 9,000 JIM-LR binoculars are now in service or under order worldwide, including more than 2,000 for French military forces.

The value of the contract and a delivery schedule for the devices were not disclosed.

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