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Oasis return? Liam Gallagher urges end to estrangement from brother

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LONDON (Reuters) – Singer Liam Gallagher wants to reconcile with his brother and former Oasis bandmate, Noel, almost 10 years after the famous British rock group split.

FILE PHOTO: Members of British rock band Oasis rhythm guitarist Gem Archer, lead guitarist Noel Gallagher, bass guitarist Andy Bell and lead vocals Liam Gallagher pose during a news conference in Hong Kong February 25, 2006. REUTERS/Paul Yeung/File Photo

The brothers have been involved in a heated public row since Noel quit the band in 2009.

Formed in the northern English city of Manchester in 1991, Oasis dominated the British pop charts well into the next decade with catchy songs influenced by the Beatles, combined with a tough, swaggering image.

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“Earth to noel…I forgive you now let’s get the BIG O (Oasis) back together…” Liam said in a tweet on Thursday evening.

After no sign of a reply from Noel, Liam tweeted on Friday: “I’ll take that as a NO then as you were.”

Noel performed the hit Oasis song ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ alone in September at the Manchester bombing tribute concert. In an interview with the BBC in November, Noel vowed never to play with his brother again.

Both brothers have pursued solo musical careers since Oasis split.

Reporting by Isabel Woodford, editing by Andy Bruce


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