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Kristen Bell gushes over Peter Dinklage: ‘He’s my favorite’

LOS ANGELES, March 24 (UPI) —Kristen Bell is a big fan of Game of Thrones actor and The Boss co-star Peter Dinklage, telling host Jimmy Kimmel she had a hard time keeping her cool around him.

“Peter is my favorite because, first of all, he is charisma personified. He had everyone on our set eating out of his hand,” she said Wednesday night. “He’s always sitting on set vaguely listening to us chatter and doing The New York Times crossword puzzle — and not the Monday one! The Sunday one.”

“He’s hyper intelligent and he’ll throw out a witty comment every now and again,” the 35-year-old added about the actor, who plays Tyrion Lannister in the HBO hit show.

A self-proclaimed Game of Thrones junkie, Bell explained one of the first phrases she taught her child was “Winter is coming,” and even completed a Jon Snow-themed photo shoot with the toddler. “And here’s how I knew it was meant to be, because that afternoon…some random friends stopped by with a giant white German shepherd — a dire wolf you guys!”

When Bell first met Dinklage, she said she “tried so hard to be cool,” saying she feigned ignorance about the actor’s participation on Game of Thrones. “So nice to meet you Peter, I’m Kristen — wait, you’re on a show right? Aren’t you on a show?”

“I think he saw right through me,” she joked.

Host Kimmel also asked Bell to explain a recent Instagram post in which her Princess Ana action figure — from the animated film Frozenwas placed in some compromising positions with Dinklage’s Game of Thrones action figure.

“I’m not saying I put them in these positions, but I’m not saying that I didn’t.” she said.

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