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Look, a nice round candy-colored mechanical keyboard

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Who likes gadgets? You do! Here’s a nice one. It’s a cute wireless keyboard with round, friendly buttons and a shiny, happy look to it. It has no agenda but to be pretty and useful. Everything is fine.

It’s called the Lofree (although they use a lowercase “l”) and it’s both mechanical and inspired by everyone’s favorite writing mechanism, the typewriter. Who doesn’t like typewriters? Although you shouldn’t use one in a coffee shop, that’s a bit much.

“We engineered round keycaps to give lofree a classic, yet contemporary feel,” reads the Lofree website. I think they did a good job. The keyboard combines the old and new more successfully than the Freewrite, which if you ask me is dead ugly. There are plenty of color combinations to choose from and a nice backlight as well.

Look, a gallery:

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The keyboard is open-minded, and works happily with all the major operating systems. Beyond these facts, however, the Lofree is a mystery. How much will it cost? When will it arrive? In these uncertain times it would be good to have a little certainty. Don’t worry, we’ll find out soon, and we may even get one to try out.

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