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Entire Ohio HS football community rallies behind injured JV player

By: | September 5, 2018

When Coldwater (Ohio) junior varsity football player Shane Homan went down with a frightening spinal injury during a Saturday morning game, the entire Coldwater community sprung into action to help him.

Homan suffered a fracture of his fifth vertebrae during a game, leaving him unable to feel sensation below his waist. There remains hope for a long rehabilitative process, and the Homan football community and Midwestern Athletic Conference rallied around the teen by organizing a massive drone photo depicting a massive seal and Hogan’s number nine in the middle:

According to the Dayton Daily News, Homan’s tribute incorporated hundreds of students from all 10 member schools of the Midwestern Athletic Conference, as well as a pair of other local schools.

It was a touching gesture which went far beyond the hotel room where Homan continues to recuperate, leading to some other tributes at local schools.

No matter what happens next, Homan will have a lengthy recovery. The good news is now he knows he has an enormous support group behind him.

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