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Biography: Elvis Presley

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  • Elvis Presley was a survivor of twins

Elvis Presley Biography

Singer/Actor (born Jan 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA; died Aug 16, 1977)

Singer/Actor (born Jan 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA; died Aug 16, 1977)

Elvis Presley was a survivor of twins and was raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He grew up a poor kid and began singing Pentecostal Church music.

Elvis was working as a truck driver in 1953, when he made his first amateur recording for his mother.  He first attained fame in 1956 with his recording of “Heartbreak Hotel” .   This recording was the first of the string of 45 records that sold over a million copies each.   Elvis made his first movie “Love Me Tender” in the same year and had completed three more by 1960 when he was drafted into the Army.

Somewhat tamed by his military experience, he continued his career, making two or three more movies in the late sixties.   A weight problem hampered his career, but he surprised everyone by successfully returning to live concert appearances.

He married Priscilla Beaulieu in 1967 and they divorced in 1973.  From his humble beginnings, Elvis moved up to a luxurious lifestyle which included a million dollar mansion called Graceland in Memphis.

He succumbed to his excessive lifestyle in 1977, but his memory is kept alive by his fans, old and new who refuse to let it die. –Eight million of his records were sold in the five days following his death.

  1. Recordings include

    * Heartbeak Hotel
    * Don’t Be Your Teddy Bear
    * Jailhouse Rock
    * Treat Me Nice
    * Don’t I Beg of You
    * A Big Hunk of Love
    * Hard Headed Woman
    * Stuck On You
    * Its Now or Never
    * Are You Lonesome Tonight
    * Surrender
    * Crying in the Chapel
    * Viva Las Vegas

  2. Films include

    * 1969, The Trouble with Girls
    * 1965, Girl Happy
    * 1964, Girl Kissin Cousins
    * 1964, Viva Las Vegas
    * 1963, It Happened At TheWorld’s Fair
    * 1962, Blue Hawaii
    * Follow That Dream
    * 1962, Kid Galahad
    * 1962, Girls Girls, Girls
    * 1961, Wild in the Country
    * 1960, GI Blues
    * 1960, Flamming Star
    * 1958, King Creole
    * 1957, Loving You
    * 1957, Jailhouse Rock
    * 1956, Love Me Tender

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