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Dwyane Wade crashes Kobe Bryant’s press conference

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LOS ANGELES, April 1 (UPI) —Kobe Bryant said Dwyane Wade was the hardest player he ever had to guard off of a screen and roll, after the Miami Heat veteran interrupted his press conference.

Wade, who netted 26 points, 10 rebounds, and five assists in the Heat’s 102-100 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday, gave Bryant a memorable send off after the game.


“Dude, you gotta go,” Wade said.

“I’m with ya,” Bryant responded.

“We’ve got some business to talk about,” Wade said.

“By the way, he knows he’s gonna be the oldest guy in the league next year,” Bryant fired back.

“I told you I was gonna get you, so I did my job,” Wade said.

But Bryant spoke fondly of Wade after he left the room, when a reporter asked about facing him.”Man, I love him, ’cause he was a vicious competitor,” Bryant said. “He’s vicious. He’s mean. You know, we could have those type of battles, and then afterwards hang out, and have a conversation, and lace ’em up and go right back at it, so I enjoy competing against him.”

Geez look at Kobe

— ⓂarcusD (@_MarcusD_) March 31, 2016

Bryant scored two points in 8:44 minutes played. Jordan Clarkson led the Lakers with 26 points.


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