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Discovering yourself in the world of Yoga

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Discovering yourself in the world of Yoga
itting the gym every day, carrying out strenuous exercises has become an inevitable
phenomenon of your life. But again among the regular gym attendants, there are many who
adore being on the yoga floor too.
However the fact is, knowingly or/and unknowingly you do
move on with oodles of yoga forms with an ardent conviction that one day you will regain the
Now the question lies here is that, is yoga all about getting back shapes, losing weight, cutting off flab, do you think that’s all what it does? Factually, there are some subtle thoughts
which human disposition should brood and do their utmost to know when practicing the art of

Comprehending the Inner Self with Yoga
efore embracing the journey of yoga, you need to step ahead to comprehend the facts pertaining to yourself. In a broader context, a self analysis is much needed. Contemplation regarding the phrase who are you? To be honest, while discovering the real self you need to make sure that the question comes naturally from within you, as it’s absolutely vital and relevant. You should delve deeper and deeper into measuring your actual self.
Certainly in the course of your discovery, you will realize so far you were constricted in a shell where you related situations and other things to your external forms. That is till now you are an object intimidated by the beliefs and thoughts of others. Thus, self focusing through yoga will literally make you get the real picture of yourself where you are shapeless, but your soul represents yourself as awareness.

Learn meditation and sensibility with Yoga
deeper argument trails on the facts that Yoga is a science of posture. While there are some who
convey that although yoga is a science, but it is not only the postures which enlightens you on
self exploration. In the path of comprehending the truth you will learn that emotions and other
sensations are completely materialistic and certainly they do not portray the actual self, they curtain your true individuality.

Now to self realization about the truth, you need to move along the path of meditation. It is quite intriguing when your only form of communication is silence. Delving deeper into the enlightened world of silence, you get the chance to know yourself. At the same time, high level of sensibility is required. Well with this moment of self awareness, you need to be sensible and mindful. Once you begin to realize the importance of meditation, you will be able to discover your inner self fruitfully.

To sum it up, yoga is a journey to understand the difference between the materialistic world and the
inner self.
It surfaces all hidden facts that are related to you. It teaches you to move with the flow
despite of all hindrance. Thus embrace the journey, to discover and re-establish yourself. Hope
you will follow Yoga arts and greet that completely form the core of your heart and soul.

Jugnu Agarwal is a certified yoga teacher. Her teaching integrates dynamic vinyasa flow (linking movement with breath) hatha, prayanama with the application of precise alignment, visualization, intension and prayers to create an inner journey towards healing and empowerment. She likes to blend classical yoga and modern techniques along with meditation practices to establish optimal health, wellness, and spiritual awareness.

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