Friday, November 16th, 2018 am30 8:45am

Did Kyrie Irving 'like' video of LeBron screaming?

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LeBron James was justifiably furious on Thursday night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers suffered an embarrassing 133-99 loss to the Toronto Raptors (the Cavs’ seventh L in their last 10 games), and in the middle of one timeout, James was caught on camera going off on the entire team, including head coach Tyronn Lue:

Coach James? ?

— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) January 12, 2018

That video was then post by Instagram account Ballgod … and NBA fans noticed that a certain ex-Cav appeared to hit the like button for James’s rant.

— Jared Weiss (@JaredWeissNBA) January 12, 2018

That would certainly be a shot at James, particularly with Irving’s Boston Celtics leading the Eastern Conference.

Per USA TODAY Sports’s Jeff Zillgitt, here’s James’s message to the team about their approach:

“We all have to be held accountable for how well we play, how we play, how hard we play, and what we are going to do for another.”


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