Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 pm30 5:02pm

Daughter struck by subway train while trying to save mother

Georgia authorities say two women have been hurt and a suspect is in custody after one of the women was reportedly pushed in front of an Atlanta commuter train.

News outlets cited MARTA Police, the law enforcement agency of Atlanta’s rapid transit authority, as saying the women were alert when taken Sunday afternoon from a midtown Atlanta station to a hospital. One of them was reported in critical condition.

MARTA Police tweeted late Sunday that one of the women, age 27, was in surgery after being hit by the train. It also said that it’s unclear if the other woman, 58, was hit by the train, though she was in stable condition. Police say witnesses reported one of the women was trying to help the woman who was pushed. It’s unclear which woman was pushed.

MARTA Police tweeted that the agency had a “suspect in custody.” Another tweet said charges are pending against the 28-year-old suspect. MARTA Police didn’t identify those involved or elaborate on what happened

North and south rail service was temporarily disrupted at the station and a shuttle link put in place before the station resumed Sunday evening.

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