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Biography: TINA TURNER

Tina Turner (aka Ann Mae Bullock)

Singer|Dancer|Songwriter|Actress ( born Nov. 26, 1939 in Nutbush Borough,Tennessee, USA )

Tina Turner was formerly known as “Anna Mae Bullock” before she became Mrs Turner in 1958 when she got married to Ike Turner.

Tina, grew up in poverty in a small racially segregated town in Tennessee, where her father was a caretaker of a plantation and she worked in the fields with the other labourers under her father’s direction

However, when Turner was in her teens, her talent as a singer and a dancer began to show and she performed frequently at dances and picnics.   Her family separated and she moved, with her mother and sister, to St. Louis, Missouri, where she met Ike Turner.

In 1958, she became Mrs. Turner, Ike and Tina Turner became a major act on the club and concert circuit, opening for groups like the Rolling Stones. After a while her marriage to Ike Turner deteriorated andthey divorced.

Tina Turner became a sole act and after an initial struggle, she revived her career, In 1984, she played a major role in a sucessful action film ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome’ and won high praise for her performance. The songs that she sang on the sound track of the movie, “We Don’t Need Another Hero” and “One of the Living” both were hits.

Turner plans to concentrate on her acting career, but continues to record and perform.

Recordings include:
* It’s Gonna Work Out
* I Pity the Fool
* I Idolize You Poor Fool
* Tra La La La
* River Deep, Mountain High
* Bold Soul Sister
* The Hunter
* Come Together
* Proud Mary
* Ooh Poo Pah Doo
* I’m Yours(Use Me Anyway You Wanna)
* Up in Heah
* Better Be Good To Me
* What’s Love Got To Do With It
* We Don’t Need Another Hero
* One of the Living
* We Are the World
* Typical Male
* Back Where You Started

Films include:
* 1993, Last Action Hero
* 1985, Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome
* 1985, That Was Rock
* 1975, Tommy

For read more about Tina Turner visit:
Facebook: Tina Turner
Twitter: Tina Turner
Wiki: Tina Turner

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