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Action Figures Show Us the Nonsense That Women Face at Work

Unless you count sticky kisses and lumpy-creepy handprint clay Christmas tree ornaments as some kind of salary, parenting is equal-opportunity unpaid work—neither moms nor dads get remunerated for their labor. (Heck, they don’t even get tips.) But work-work isn’t quite as fair, sadly. People: It’s 2016, and women are still making about three-quarters of what men make. And no, it’s not because they’re somehow three-quarters as good at their jobs. When, for example, gender-proportions/article_25cd8c54-5ca4-529f-bb98-8c5b08c64434.html” target=”_blank”>orchestras started selecting their performers “blindly” (everyone auditioned behind a screen), the gender split hit 50-50.

The hiring numbers in Silicon Valley are particularly bad, and again, no, it’s not because women are somehow worse coders than men (MRA trolls, we’ll see you in the comments section). In fact, a GitHub study found that when coders’ genders were obscured, women’s code was accepted at a slightly higher rate than men’s. When the gender of the coder was revealed, acceptance rates dropped.

We crunched the numbers and enlisted a few action figures to see exactly what it costs to be a woman in the workplace.

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