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The Latest: Police say 4 protesters arrested after shooting

Police say the man was "exhibiting characteristics of an armed person".

Investigator: Girl was beheaded after seeing grandmother die

Authorities say the special needs child witnessed the killing at a cemetery.

WATCH:  Man caught impersonating police officer in Arizona

Matthew Disbro allegedly tried pulling over two real Arizona troopers in their unmarked yellow Mustang.

WATCH:  Police in Miami Beach catch an attempted arsonist red-handed

Walter Stolper was arrested as he was carrying gasoline to his condominium.

WATCH:  Papa John’s chairman admits using racial slur

In a statement, John Schnatter admitted that he used the N-word during a media training session and apologized for using the slur.

Train kills woman whose wheelchair gets struck on tracks

Either the woman's wheelchair battery died or its wheels snagged on the tracks.




Box Office: ‘Skyscraper’ Gets Rocky Start as ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ Checks In at No. 1

LOS ANGELES ( - It turns out Dwayne Johnson was no match for Dracula and company.

Hollywood star Will Smith brings down curtain on Russia World Cup

Hollywood actor and singer Will Smith performed the soccer World Cup's official song "Live It Up" in the tournament...

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