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Watch: iKon dance the night away in ‘But You’ video

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May 3 (UPI) — South Korean boy band iKon is back with new music.

The K-pop group released the EP Flashback and a music video for the song “But You” on Tuesday.


The “But You” video shows the members of iKon dance the night away at a club. iKon said at a press conference Tuesday that the track is the group’s first synth-wave infused song with a retro vibe.

“The music video and choreography were all prepared to match the sound. You can see it as iKon’s fresh new challenge,” DK said.

“We don’t aim for some fancy goal with ‘But You.’ We just aim for something new, as we’ve always done. Rather than taking an easy, safe route, we wanted to show the different colors of iKon,” Bobby added.

Flashback also features the songs “Dragon,” “For Real?,” “Gold” and “Name.”

Flashback is iKon’s first release since the EP I Decide in February 2020. The group is known for the singles “My Type,” “Apology,” “Love Scenario” and “Why Why Why.”

iKon consists of Jay, Song, Bobby, DK, Ju-ne and Chan. The group is signed to YG and made its debut in 2015.

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