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Star Wars holochess gave me a Final Fantasy fever dream to share

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I’d let a Wookie tear my arms off for a shot at playing the Star Wars game I’ve dreamed of for years, and I’m willing to bet you’d risk it too.

Since the first time I saw Star Wars, I’ve stalked the parallel world of its video games in search of ones that speak to me like the movies. Over the years I’ve pounced on some great entries, from Super Star Wars and its lightsaber somersaults to Knights of the Old Republic’s memorable-and-murderous droid companion HK-47. The best games have made me think of my favorite scenes, like Luke’s ill-fated duel with Darth Vader in the shadowy underbelly of Cloud City, the raw tension of the trench run on the Death Star, or the spectacle of the climactic Rebel battle on Scarif.

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