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Next PS5 restock at PlayStation Direct UK confirmed – when and how to buy a console

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The next PS5 restock at the official UK PlayStation Direct store will take place on May 10. A new wave of invites has just been sent out confirming that PS5 consoles will be available to buy between 09:30am – 11:00am BST. Check your emails if you registered your details with Sony for updates on PS5 stock to see if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s been chosen.

As with all the previous PS5 restocks at PlayStation Direct, consoles will be available exclusively to those with an invite during that time frame. All you need to do is follow the link in the email invite and log in with your PSN account to get access. After that, you’ll be assigned a random spot in the queue and should be given the option to buy a PS5 shortly after.

It’s unclear right now if it’s just the standard PS5 console that will be on sale or whether the PS5 Digital Edition will be available too. We’ll update you as soon as we know.

PS5 restock at PlayStation Direct UK (May 10)

PS5: £449.99 at PlayStation Direct

PS5 consoles will be available on May 10 from 9:30am at PlayStation Direct UK. This is a PS5 restock exclusively for invited members, so check your emails if you’ve registered your details with Sony to see if you’ve been sent a link to follow. If not, a wider sale should start after 11am if consoles are still available. It’s highly likely based on previous restocks, but not 100% guaranteed.

Given the improvements to the availability of the PS5 in the UK lately, we don’t expect the console to sell out during this exclusive access window. That should mean that a wider general sale will follow, so those without an invite should also get a chance to buy a PS5 on May 10. You will need to use the link below once the private sale ends at 11am BST.

It’s important to point out that, unfortunately, getting in this queue doesn’t guarantee you a console. It all depends on which position you’re randomly assigned and how long consoles remain in stock. Keep in mind that we expect the console will sell out in less than an hour based on previous public PS5 restocks at PlayStation Direct.

If you’re unlucky this time, be sure to register your details at the PlayStation Direct store to be in with a chance of getting invited to the next one. Stick with us at TechRadar, too, for all the latest news and updates on PS5 restocks from all retailers across the US and UK.

And then once you’ve got a console on the way, definitely head on over to our PS5 deals hub to get yourself some cheap PS5 games and accessories including a cheap PS5 SSD upgrade to go with your new purchase.

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